Magnetise Your Dream Clients 7 Day Challenge


Shelley Hutchinson


Magnetise Your Dream Clients

Within 7 Days

Why do YOU need to complete this Challenge?

If you are new to coaching or have been coaching for some time but aren’t getting the results you want from your marketing, then YOU need this challenge. 

The truth is there are so many clients who need YOUR unique expertise to help them solve their problems, but right now they are not coming to you because you aren’t 100% clear on what you have to offer clients, what your niche is, or even who you want to work with.  

Simply advertising yourself as a “Life Coach”, “Leadership Coach” or “Business Coach” is not enough. 

Magnetising Your Dream Clients Challenge is about bringing to you all those people out there, RIGHT NOW, who need your help to transform their lives

  If you are feeling sceptical about whether this challenge will work for you - then I understand your fear. In fact, I created this Challenge especially for YOU, because you doing your life-changing work with clients matters.  

It’s time for you to stop being the world’s best kept secret and start making an impact!  

What will you get from this 7 Day Challenge?

You'll finally discover your niche, identify your high-paying clients, and create a Signature Coaching Program that is in alignment with your natural gifts, so you can magnetise your dream clients with total ease and authenticity.

You’ll discover the RIGHT niche for your gifts, so you can feel confident about offering your services to high quality clients.

 You’ll know exactly what to offer in your Signature Coaching Program and how to charge premium prices, so you can make a living doing work you love.

You’ll learn how to create your authentic marketing message that positions you as the authority leader you are.




Shelley Hutchinson

Having built Client Nectar from scratch to a multiple six figure business in just three years, and sold 7 figures worth of my coaching programs, Shelley knows exactly what it takes to build a highly profitable coaching business.  

  Shelley has coached thousands of Coaches, Consultants and Therapists, and helped many take their businesses from scratch to six figures and beyond. Her revolutionary approach teaches you the marketing, business, sales, technology and mindset skills that you need to be successful, so you can get on with making the impact you are here to make. 

Shelley is described by her clients as the most supportive mentor you could ever hope for. She is known for providing high quality programs to Coaches that get real results. As a former University Lecturer and Degree Program Director, she is often outspoken about the failings of her industry sector where marketing gurus often lack knowledge of how to teach and place profits before client results. 

Shelley’s passion for her work comes from a deep love for people, our planet and animals. She is on a mission to help as many Coaches as possible to turn their passion into profitable businesses because she believes that the world needs more purpose-driven businesses, which are profitable AND in support of people and our environment, so humanity can thrive in future generations.  

This is why YOU must take action today and start doing the work you are born to do!  

"Get Started With Shelley's 7 Day Challenge Today" 

The great thing about this free 7 day challenge is that Shelley will be by your side every step of the way.