“Following Shelley's Linkedin Formula I have been able to take my business from scratch to over $200k in my first year in business"

Conor Godfrey
Franchise Consultant

During this live webinar, you will learn:

  • Why Linkedin is the Best Platform RIGHT NOW for Business Owners to gain Quality Professional and Corporate Clients, who are willing to pay premium prices to work with you
  • What To Write On Your Linkedin Profile To Make It Standout From The Crowd, so your ideal clients contact you wanting to work with you
  • How to Find Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn, and rapidly build your Linkedin Connections 
  • How To Generate Appointments & Gain Clients through LinkedIn in just 15 minutes per day
  • PLUS: You'll Learn How To Close More Sales With Heart...I'll share with you the Sales Script I use to have heartwarming conversations with prospects that convert to clients with ease and flow  

Your Host

Shelley Hutchinson

Shelley Hutchinson  

Helping Coaches To Attract High Quality Clients & Build Highly Profitable Coaching Businesses

“I decided to work with Shelley because I had never used Linkedin before and I needed someone to guide me to know how to use Linkedin to get opportunities and business.

Following Shelley's advice, I have made $170,000 in sales through Linkedin in the past 5 months.

Plus, I have been nominated to help Pharmacy stores convert to Vaccine Centres which is huge for my business."

Bharat Mistry
Brand Consultant & Printer